WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Upload Date: Today, 22:12

The world of WWE is your battleground with all-new, over the top, in-your-face arcade action as your favorite WWE Superstars and Legends battle it out in outlandish interactive environments around the world. Compete in your favorite match types with an arsenal of exaggerated maneuvers, special abilities, and devastating power-ups, including Steel Cage, Royal Rumble, Fatal Four Way and more, as Mauro Ranallo and Jerry “The King” Lawler call all the mayhem!

Alchemy Garden (2022)

Upload Date: Today, 21:42

Hijacker Jack: ARCADE FMV

Upload Date: Today, 20:29

Hijacker Jack is the first ever FMV live-action game with real-time interaction. Our hero is controlled in first-person point of view through the story, while he has to survive thrilling action scenes by making decisions in every 2-3 seconds, delivering punch/kick combinations in fist fights, jumping between rooftops or even just like in any FPS game, grab a shotgun and maintain public order.

Our hero lives peacefully off-the-grid when one day he is kidnapped, re-shaped and thrown into a fancy luxurious world as a celebrity impostor.

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb

Upload Date: Today, 19:09

As Indiana Jones, you’ll travel to 1935 China to prevent a powerful artifact from falling into evil hands. This globe-spanning adventure pits you against evil Nazis and the Asian underworld. It’ll take more than just a trusty whip and pistol to avoid the perils of the Emperor’s Tomb.
Indys latest adventure plays out in dramatic fashion thanks to new gameplay features such as brawling combat. This time, in addition to using his trademark whip and pistol, Indy can engage in fierce hand-to-hand combat against foes, many of whom are well-versed in martial arts.

Bullet Girls Phantasia

Upload Date: Today, 18:52

Bullet Girls Phantasia is the latest installment of the all-female third person shooter "Bullet Girls" series.
This game is a thrilling action-packed game where cute girls shoot assault rifles and bazookas in a world filled with slimes, orcs, and dragons.

- Cute knights, elves, mages, oh my!
Joining your eight favorites from the series are six new inhabitants of this alternate world.
The old and new will unite together to defeat an all-powerful enemy.

Two Point Campus (2022)

Upload Date: Today, 18:45

Submersed (2020)

Upload Date: Today, 17:21

Rediscover the meaning of terror with Submersed.
Coast Guard paramedic Jack Ballard, recently reincorporated after the death of his wife, responds to an emergency call from an offshore structure in high seas. The place seems to be abandoned, so who sent the message?
Help Jack Ballard find out the truth, exploring the darkest reaches and flooded areas teeming with dangerous predators, solving enigmas and puzzles while you try to survive.

The Wishing Stone (2021)

Upload Date: Today, 17:07

The Wishing Stone is a point & click puzzle adventure game with challenging puzzles. Its also a mystery visual novel with an emphasis on storytelling. Different choices and what you do while exploring/solving puzzles both can contribute to different endings.

Ailsa unexpectedly receives a wishing stone from a suspicious witch. According to the witch, the wishing stone could grant her 3 wishes, but she must make the first one before midnight.

Family Man

Upload Date: Today, 17:03

Family Man is a first-person story-led RPG that asks the question: When pushed to the limits of your own morality, how far would you go for the sake of your family?
You owe money to the mob, and youve got 30 days to pay it back. Will you flip burgers and earn an honest living while scraping the money together... or will you take on some dirty jobs for more cash, but potentially push your family away?
Every decision you make not only affects the neighborhood, but directly affects your family.

Hell Division (2022)

Upload Date: Today, 10:36

Hell Division is a game from the 3rd person, which is a battle of combat drones. This game is a dynamic action game where the main character is a military drone equipped with small arms. You have to plunge into the atmosphere of cyberpunk and confrontation between two powerful corporations.

- 6 game locations in cyberpunk style
- A story based on the confrontation between 2 corporations
- Dynamic battles in the air
- Sophisticated enemy AI
- Several types of missions
- Enemies of different difficulty
- Amazing soundtrack


Star Horizon

Upload Date: Today, 08:18

Experience fast action, thrilling levels, spectacular explosions and lots of pew-pew-pew. Star Horizon is a reboot for the on-rails space shooter genre.

A struggle between the Inter Galactic Corporation (a.k.a The Federation), which controls the entire galaxy, and the Rebels continues. You assume the role of John, a simple private space-pilot in the service of the Federation. Well.. the word “pilot” might be an overstatement.

Bayonetta 3

Upload Date: Today, 07:30

Bayonetta returns in an all-new, over-the-top climax action game. Sporting a wicked new ensemble and somehow familiar pigtails, the titular Umbra Witch must face a mysterious evil using her signature guns and time-slowing Witch Time ability. Is her foe angel, demon, or something else entirely?
Tap into Bayonettas naughtier side with Demon Masquerade, a new ability that channels the demon linked to her weapon allowing for some exciting action options, not to mention some hair-raising combos.

Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan

Upload Date: Today, 07:25

Forged from an ancient tale of Celtic mythology. An action-adventure set in a future Ireland devastated by technomagical war and economic collapse, humanity clings on by using the remnants of technology that survive. When their ancient spring of life begins to fail, an unwanted orphan child must leave the safety of his villages mountaintop refuge. With only an ancient sword and a mysterious metal glove, he ventures into lands unexplored and twisted by strange ancient powers.

Desperados III

Upload Date: Today, 05:58

Desperados III is a story driven hardcore tactical stealth game set in a ruthless Wild West scenario.
On his epic journey through 1870s USA and Mexico, John Cooper will have to take responsibility for mistakes that have been made in the past. On his quest for redemption Cooper joins forces with the runaway bride Kate O?Hara, shady Arthur "Doc" McCoy, the giant trapper Hector and a mysterious lady from New Orleans. They make their way from the mountains of Colorado to the heart of Louisiana, then finally to New Mexico, right back into Cooper’s past.

BattleRush: Ardennes Assault

Upload Date: Today, 04:12

Try yourself in the role of a soldier of the American or German army. Complete freedom of action. Do anything and anywhere. Build defense, demolish enemy towns, control any vehicle which you will see on your way or create.
Create tanks and cars for yourself, look for fuel and ammunition, or drive fast with comrades. Transport resources like wood or stone to supply the army.

- More than 15 types of vehicles, advanced physical models, and quality animations.

TAG WAR (2019)

Upload Date: Today, 02:41

TAG WAR is a game about “Scanner and Barcode”. Using scanner to scan the barcode on your opponent to defeat him. Team up with your friends to join the 4 vs 4 online battle of shopping !!

Cross Platform Gameplay
Battle with friend who play the VR version.
Joystick vs VR controller!! Lets see who is better.

All about Fun
This is a game that wish you to have fun with your friends.
You must be tired of a bunch of zombie games.

Project Boost (2021)

Upload Date: Today, 01:02

Project Boost is a third person action shooter game. The game focuses on a fast pace thrilling gameplay with a compelling story, slowly unravelling as the game progresses.
Storm the building of Hoi Polloi Technologies and get your answers . Overcome each floor and rise above every encounter, as you slowly discover the reason behind all this Mayhem.
We are continuously refining the gameplay and adding more contents simultaneously. The team is trying its best to optimize the game and make it a wholesome experience and an enjoyable ride.

Mini Maker: Make A Thing

Upload Date: Yesterday, 18:33

Undead Under Night Rain

Upload Date: Yesterday, 16:58

Place your guitarist to attract zombie hordes and shoot them with your soldiers in a perfect mix of modernized tower defense and challenging strategic gameplay. Each soldier is unique with his own ability and upgrade panel to fight a large amount of undead.

- A modern tower defense where you choose the exit point of the enemies with your guitarist.
- 12 unique soldiers: pistol, rifle, katana, flamethrower, sniper...
- 20 unique zombies with elites, boss and some surprises
- Real time soldier upgrade with 10 options (damage, fire speed, ammo, priority.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD

Upload Date: Yesterday, 16:22

Introducing Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD, the striking chapter of the pre-American Revolution Assassin’s Creed saga which arrives for the first time on HD consoles and PC. With improved gameplay, a deeper story, and HD graphics, Liberation is an immersive and full Assassin’s Creed experience.
The year is 1765. As the events leading up to the American Revolution heat up in the north, Spanish forces plan to take control of Louisiana in the south – but they have yet to reckon with Aveline, a deadly Assassin who will use every weapon and ability in her arsenal on her quest for freedom.

Wandersong (2018)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 15:41

A musical adventure where you use singing to save the world! Play as a silly bard who embarks on a globe-trotting journey to learn about the mysterious Earthsong, said to be able to prevent the universe’s imminent end. Along the way there’s a huge cast of characters to meet, puzzles to solve and songs to sing!
In Wandersong youre a walking musical instrument, and you use song to interact with everything. Different things respond to your music in different ways, so its up to you to sing your songs, unlock the worlds secrets and make new friends!

Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper

Upload Date: Yesterday, 12:13

Recognized as one of the best licenses in adventure gaming and lauded by the international press, Sherlock Holmes is back with an investigation that is sure to be the most horrifying of the series. In this great new adventure, the famous detective chases against the most threatening serial killer England has ever known - Jack the Ripper.
It’s 1888, London, in the Whitechapel area, and a series of grisly crimes in the heart of the East End leave a gory trail of mutilated female bodies.

Elusive World (2021)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 12:11

One night after being pressured by his mom to be responsible, Ben, a typical teenager, bursts out and walks off. He ends up lost in a parallel world. The struggle now is to find his way back home.
With no other way to get back to his old world rather than to fight, Ben must find the courage to face this current reality. Witnessing the violent state of things, he has to choose whether to get involved so he might see his family once more or be trapped forever.


Upload Date: Yesterday, 10:31

DOKA 2 KISHKI EDITION is a game where you kill zombies, or you yourself are zombies, this is a game where you kill in the most sophisticated ways of people, that is, there you can come up with a certain area. Thank you for my rock childhood.

- Ability to pull guts
- You can kill zombies
- You can be a zombie
- You can kill people in the most sophisticated way.
- You can invent your specific area
- You can trade
- Special weapon for pulling out guts within 10 minutes


Titan Souls: Digital Special Edition

Upload Date: Yesterday, 08:16

The Titan Souls Digital Special Edition includes: the base game, a digital artbook, world map, full original soundtrack, and desktop backgrounds.
Between our world and the world beyond lie the Titan Souls, the spiritual source and sum of all living things. Now scattered amongst the ruins and guarded by the idle titans charged with their care, a solitary hero armed with but a single arrow is once again assembling shards of the Titan Soul in a quest for truth and power.

Revolve (2017)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 08:07

Revolve is a Triggeractive Platformer. You play as Reevo, drone on wheels who is trying to escape a dystopian world. You can use speed boosts, brake, jump or switch gravity.
But you dont control Reevo directly! Each of these 4 actions requires energy. Reevos energy refills automatically, but slowly, so its important to time your actions and see how he reacts in the world. Its basic physics: you trigger the action & Reevo reacts in the world.

Anglerfish (2022)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 07:34