Supreme Commander 2 (2010/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from DiGERATi)

Upload Date: Today, 10:04

Experience brutal battles on a massive scale! Players will wage war by creating enormous customizable armies and experimental war machines that can change the balance of power at any given moment.

Revenant Saga (2014/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from iRRM)

Upload Date: Today, 07:28

Reventant Saga is a title belonging to the jRPG genre, developed by Exe-Create and referring to such classics as Chrono Trigger, Xenogears or the Final Fantasy series.

Side Effect (2021) | RePack from DVT

Upload Date: Today, 07:06

Side Effect is a mix of adventure game and walking simulator, in which we play from the first person perspective (FPP). It was developed by a one-man team justLukass.

Tombstone: 1882 (2002) | RePack from tRUE

Upload Date: Today, 06:46

Tombstone: 1882 is a real-time strategy, as the name suggests, transferring the multi-screened Wild West legend to PC screens.

Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star (2014/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from s0m)

Upload Date: Today, 05:44

Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star is a Fantasy, Sci-fi, '7 Dimension' RPG, that takes place in a world where music and song can create magic.

Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters (2017/ENG/MULTI10/Pirate)

Upload Date: Today, 05:12

Yo-kai 2: Psychic Specters is a third version of second entry in jRPG series created by Level-5 studio (Ni no Kuni, Rogue Galaxy) that was established in 2013.

The Cave (2013/ENG/MULTI10/License)

Upload Date: Today, 04:26

The Cave is a combination of an arcade, adventure, and puzzle game, drawing inspiration from the classic series, such as Metroid or Castlevania.

War of the Immortals (2011/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from dEViATED)

Upload Date: Today, 03:59

The world of Motenia has never been blessed with lasting peace. Every child grows up knowing the stories of fierce battles and ravaging war.

Cycling Manager 2 (2002/ENG/MULTI10/License)

Upload Date: Today, 03:07

Based on the success of Cycling Manager, Cycling Manager 2 brings a new level of excitement and realism to the world of professional cycling.

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (2009/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from Black Monks)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 23:11

DYNASTY WARRIORS® is back with a vengeance, and for the first time with 4-player online team combat. Strike down larger-than-life enemies from above and crush your foes with a blinding fury in over 200 of the most intense heart-pounding, button-mashing multiplayer quests.

Bubble Bobble Old and New (2003/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from ICU)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 22:50

No one has ever been able to say just why Bubble Bobble is so much fun, but its mixture of cute baby dinosaurs, candy, and bubbles should give those new to the game an idea.

FourFourTwo: Touchline Passion (2002) | RePack from LUCiD

Upload Date: Yesterday, 22:41

Delivering the passion of football. Manage your team, your way: It’s time to become a football managing legend! Over 600 clubs, 21 leagues and 9 countries are at your disposal;

U-Boat: Battle in the Mediterranean (2006/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from Kindly)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 22:19

U-Boat: Battle in the Mediterranean for PC is the second unofficial expansion to Silent Hunter III, the famed submarine simulator developed by Ubisoft Romania.

World War II Combat: Iwo Jima (2006/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from PANiCDOX)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 20:25

Welcome to the fight, soldier… The deafening thunder of artillery fire echoes the pounding heart in your chest as you wade onto a beach littered with the bodies of your fallen comrades.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus (2017/ENG/MULTI10/Pirate)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 19:21

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus on PS4 and XONE is the first expansion for Final Fantasy XV, the fifteenth installment of the most famous jRPG series, which debuted in November 2016.

Fuse (2013/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from BACKLASH)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 19:17

Fuse is a four-player action game. The production was prepared by the Insomniac Games studio which has created such series as Ratchet & Clank and Resistance.

True Crime: New York City (2005/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from UP7)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 18:44

If you’re one of the millions of people who played True Crime: Streets of L.A., you’ll expect to fight, drive and shoot your way through an amazingly detailed representation of New York City.

Carrion (2020/ENG/MULTI10/Pirate)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 18:30

Carrion is an action game, described by the authors as an "inverted horror". The production was developed by an independent Polish team Phobia Game Studio, founded by people who previously co-created the well-received BUTCHER.

Blades of Time (2012/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from TWK)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 18:07

Blades of Time is a loose continuation of the action game/TPP X-Blades. Once again we take control of the treasure hunter Ayumi, who, however, does not resemble the same girl from the previous game.

WipEout Fusion (2001/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from AH-Team)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 17:28

When the PS one first arrived in Europe at the tail end of 1994, there was one launch game in particular that grabbed the gaming world's attention a superfast futuristic racer called Wipeout.

Evo Explores (2016) | RePack from Black_X

Upload Date: Yesterday, 14:54

Evo Explores is a logic game developed by an independent Ukrainian studio Stampede Games. The game was inspired by the famous Monument Valley.

Echoes of the End (2021/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from SeeknDestroy)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 14:16

Echoes of the End is an action adventure game set in a fantasy world and is the debut production of Myrkur Games studio. Prime Matter, a new brand under Koch Media, is responsible for the release of the title.

The Big Red Adventure (1995/ENG/MULTI10/License)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 14:08

After the fall of communism, Western capital begins to flow into Russia. The effects of great changes can be seen at every step, from McRomanov fast food bars, through PlayBoris cricket kiosks, to Lenintendo, a company that produces well-known video games.

Kinect Star Wars (2012) | RePack from tRUE

Upload Date: Yesterday, 09:51

Get ready to enter the Star Wars universe in an entirely new way. Featuring iconic settings, characters and action, Kinect™ Star Wars™ puts you in the Star Wars you know and love, and lets you unleash your inner Jedi – with no controller in the way.

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (1999/ENG/MULTI10/License)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 07:29

Lara Croft is a character every adventure games fan knows. In the fourth instalment of the Tomb Raider series, Core Design – the developer studio – made sure that the female equivalent of Indiana Jones looks even better and meets even deadlier enemies.

The Secret of Monkey Island (1990/ENG/MULTI10/Pirate)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 06:52

The Secret of Monkey Island is a classic adventure game that started the Monkey Island series. Its action takes place on the Carribean Island, inside a pirate “world”.

The Pimps (2005/ENG/MULTI10/Pirate)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 05:31

The Pimps is a browser strategy game by Bigpoint, maintained in Bronx-like climates. More than 200 cities in the United States are available to the player, each of which is divided into 300 districts owned by players.