Heavy Fire: The Chosen Few 3D (2011/ENG/MULTI10/Pirate)

Upload Date: Today, 09:42

Heavy Fire: The Chosen Few 3D is the first installment of a series of first person shooters from Teyon studio in Krakow, designed for users of the Nintendo 3DS portable console.

JETT: The Far Shore (2021/ENG/MULTI10/License)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 08:48

JETT: The Far Shore is a science fiction action adventure game that combines the exploration of a large, open world with a strong storyline.

The Evil Within 2 (2017/ENG/MULTI10/Pirate)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 04:56

The PC, PS4 and XONE release of The Evil Within 2 is a survival horror action game, which picks up the story 3 years after the events from the 2014’s The Evil Within.

King's Quest (2015/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from LEGEND)

Upload Date: 4-12-2021, 19:02

King’s Quest is the title of the ninth official installment of the renowned adventure game series. It is certainly worth mentioning that the previous production of the saga has been released over seventeen years ago.

Petz: My Monkey Family (2008/ENG/MULTI10/Pirate)

Upload Date: 4-12-2021, 07:48

Petz: My Monkey Family is a simple family game, in which players take care of a family of monkeys – the better you do your job, the more the animals like you.

NEO: The World Ends with You (2021) | RePack from MP2K

Upload Date: 4-12-2021, 07:20

NEO: The World Ends with You is a continuation of the 2008 RPG The World Ends With You. Square-Enix has developed and published the game.

Azkend 2: The World Beneath (2012) | RePack from TECHNIC

Upload Date: 3-12-2021, 21:24

Azkend 2: The World Beneath is a puzzle game, employing the popular match-3 mechanics, enriched with a simple storyline inspired by Julius Verne's adventure novels.

Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties (2007/ENG/MULTI10/License)

Upload Date: 3-12-2021, 21:06

The Asian Dynasties for PC it’s the second official expansion to Age of Empires III. The expansion was developed by Big Huge Games, a studio known by the real time strategy fans through famed Rise of Nations.

Super Stardust Ultra (2015/ENG/MULTI10/Pirate)

Upload Date: 3-12-2021, 18:08

The PS4 release of Super Stardust Ultra is the fourth installment in the arcade game series, in which a player assumes the role of a starship pilot tasked with defending the humanity against the alien threat.

Shoot Many Robots (2012) | RePack from AURA

Upload Date: 3-12-2021, 15:59

Shoot Many Robots is the first independent project of Demiurge Studios founded in 2002. So far, the developers from Boston mostly created games for PC and made conversions for major publishers as well as aided other studios with their projects.

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition (2012/ENG/MULTI10/License)

Upload Date: 3-12-2021, 09:29

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition is a sequel to Trials HD. The player rides motorcycles across 2D tracks. The series was created by independent RedLynx Studio.

Vostok Inc. (2017/ENG/MULTI10/License)

Upload Date: 2-12-2021, 20:19

Vostok Inc. for SWITCH, PC and etc. is a shoot'em up enriched with elements of the so-called clickers. The game was developed by an independent studio Nosebleed Interactive, which is popular mainly for the well-received The Hungry Horde.

Chasing Static (2021/ENG/MULTI10/License)

Upload Date: 2-12-2021, 07:23

Chasing Static is a horror adventure game. It was developed by an independent British team Headware Games, formerly known as Sick Chicken Studios, and was published by Ratalaika Games.

10 Second Ninja X (2016/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from Black Monks)

Upload Date: 2-12-2021, 06:22

10 Second Ninja X is a dynamic action platform game released on PC, PS4 and etc. in which as the titular ninja warrior the player faces army of deadly robots.

Mega Man X Collection (2006/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from Lz0)

Upload Date: 2-12-2021, 02:52

Join Mega Man X and Zero as they relive all six of their first Mega Man® X adventures! Available for the first time in one incredible compilation, this collection also features the first US release of the Blue Bomber’s action-packed racing game: Mega Man Battle & Chase!

Pearl's Peril (2013) | RePack from PARADiGM

Upload Date: 2-12-2021, 02:46

Pearl's Peril is a detective HOPA (Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure) game, available for free on Facebook as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore (2021) | RePack from ROGUE

Upload Date: 1-12-2021, 05:53

Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore is a first-person production of cRGP, referring to classic genres like Dungeon Master or Wizardry.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) | RePack from SeeknDestroy

Upload Date: 30-11-2021, 14:48

Machines send in the past another Terminator, this time much more advanced than before. His goal, however, will no longer be Sarah Connor, but her son John, who will be at the forefront of the resistance after a machine revolt and a nuclear war.

How to Survive: Third Person Standalone (2015) | RePack from RU-BOARD

Upload Date: 29-11-2021, 09:34

How to Survive Third Person for PC is a standalone expansion for 2013’s How to Survive by EKO and a sort of response to the player community suggestions.

Glider: Collect'n Kill (2005) | RePack from ASSiGN

Upload Date: 29-11-2021, 04:04

Glider – a high speed flight shooter with addiction potential! You find yourself in a glorious future and you are a proud pilot of the Official Glider League.

Shelter Generations (2018/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from ENGiNE)

Upload Date: 29-11-2021, 03:56

Shelter Generations is a compilation of two games that originally came out for PCs and later on for Nintendo Switch. Shelter Generations includes Shelter 2 (along with the 2015's expansion pack Mountains) and Paws: A Shelter 2 Game (2016).

El Hijo: A Wild West Tale (2020/ENG/MULTI10/License)

Upload Date: 29-11-2021, 03:30

El Hijo for PC, iOS and AND is a stealth game in spaghetti western settings. It has been developed by Honig studio. PlotEl Hijo’s story is set in the Wild West of 19th century, though creators did not want stick to historical truth.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (2014/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from DiSTiNCT)

Upload Date: 28-11-2021, 17:12

It’s time for Guacamelee! fans to return to fighting form as DrinkBox Studios today announces that it will bring its award-winning action-platformer to the PlayStation 4 system, the Xbox One all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft, as well as the Wii U system from Nintendo.

Victorian Admirals: Marianas Incident 1887 (2012/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from DOT.EXE)

Upload Date: 28-11-2021, 14:11

Victorian Admirals: Marianas Incident 1887 is the work of the Russian Totem Games studio, specializing in turn-based marine strategies.

World End Syndrome (2018/ENG/MULTI10/Pirate)

Upload Date: 28-11-2021, 11:16

World End Syndrome is a visual novel game with a dating simulator features. It was developed by Arc System Works and Toybox Games.

Concrete Jungle (2015/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from AHCU)

Upload Date: 28-11-2021, 10:44

Concrete Jungle is a PC, iOS and AND released puzzle game enriched with light elements of economic strategy and cards. The production was developed by the British developer Cole Jefferies, the author of MegaCity based on a similar idea.

The Suffering (2004/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from ENGiNE)

Upload Date: 28-11-2021, 09:21

The Suffering is a 3D action game that combines the best elements of Manhunt and such horrors as Resident Evil and Silent Hill.