Anthology of Fear (2021/ENG/MULTI10/Pirate)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 17:29

Anthology of Fear is a survival horror developed by the independent Polish studio RG Crew. The release of the game was handled by Ultimate Games.

Car Detailing Simulator (2021/ENG/MULTI10/License)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 11:16

Car Detailing Simulator is an unusual game in which we play the role of a man who renovates various types of old cars. The game was developed by the Polish Games Incubator studio.

Fracture (2008/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from ViRiLiTY)

Upload Date: 17-09-2021, 18:58

Amidst a backdrop of worldwide ecological and seismological chaos in the mid-2100s, the United States has been split in two by the Great Flood.

They Breathe (2011/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from PHROZEN CREW)

Upload Date: 16-09-2021, 02:13

They Breathe is a journey into the depths of a forest filled with water. As you swim deeper, you will come to slowly understand a world where nothing is as it first seems, and where everyone is after the same precious resource – oxygen!

Commandos: Antologia (2006/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from MiRACLE)

Upload Date: 14-09-2021, 13:31

A special edition of the Commandos series of games, which includes: Commandos: Behind the enemy line, Commandos: Special Tasks, Commandos 2: People of Courage and Commandos 3: Direction Berlin.

Go! Sports Ski (2007/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from KaOs)

Upload Date: 13-09-2021, 14:45

Go! Sports Ski™ is a skiing simulator that harnesses the SIXAXIS™ wireless controller to twist, turn and pull off tricks. The easy and intuitive motion control allows you to fly down visually stunning slopes right out of the gate.

Dead Space Extraction (2009) | RePack from RNDD

Upload Date: 13-09-2021, 13:23

Dead Space Extraction is an action game belonging to the horror survival genre. It tells the story before the events known from Head Space, released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PCs.

Invector (2017/ENG/MULTI10/License)

Upload Date: 13-09-2021, 08:01

Avicii Vector on PS4 is another game made by Hello There studio, known for Kung Fury: Street Rage . Swedish DJ and producer Tim Bergling, more broadly known as Avicii, worked on the game he was responsible for the soundtrack and he tested the mechanics made by developers, supporting them with his opinions.

H-Hour: World's Elite (2020) | RePack from SlipStream

Upload Date: 13-09-2021, 04:59

H-Hour: World’s Elite for PC and PS4 is a multiplayer squad-based tactical action game developed by Special Operations Forces, a studio spearheaded by David Sears, an experienced FPS developer known from two initial installments of SOCOM, a popular PlayStation 2 series.

Dawn of Magic 2 (2006/ENG/MULTI10/RePack from EDGE)

Upload Date: 12-09-2021, 20:21

Dawn of Magic 2 is an add-on to the popular action RPG Dawn of Magic which now unveils its world of magic even further. Over hundred new spells, divided into 12 magic schools, bring fresh power to your fight against hordes of enemies as you stop their invasion.