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Meeple Station (2020)

Main Information:
Game name: Meeple Station (2020)
Ganre: PC Games, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Vox Games
Release date: 2020
Interface language: EN / Multi14
Voice language: EN / Multi14



Meeple Station is an isometric pixel-art space station building and management sim that takes inspiration from games in the vein of Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld. Build your way to success! Trade your way to the top! Explore your way to infamy! Do it all your way!

Meeple need things to live!
Ice can be melted and turned into Oxygen, which assuredly your Meeple will need to continue breathing. They also seem to like regular access to food! Make sure they have bathrooms near or youre going to end up with one stinky station. Use Meeple for jobs they are well suited to and house them in decent surroundings or the icy fingers of unhappiness will take hold. Just wait until you see the damage an unhappy officer can cause! Once you make your station a nice productive place to live, its prestige will spread and draw new Meeple to the station and necessitate expansion. Expansion requires more resources, so get to mining! Meeple Station boasts a robust Z-layer system that is seemingly uncommon in many isometric and management games. The system allows up to 32 vertical floors- so stations can get quite gigantic if you so desire.

At first, you can get things you need from traders, that you cant effectively manufacture on your own. Once you have a good operation going you can turn the tables and make quite a profit from supplying refined resources and manufactured goods to traders based on their needs. With the Planets Update, weve added the very beginnings of the Player-owned ships system, which we plan to expand on quite a bit in upcoming patches. Assign Pilots to ships and fly construction crews to build new stations. Thats right! Multiple stations are new to the Planets patch as well! Now that you can travel around the solar system, youre going to be able to build multiple concurrent stations around different planets.

Fight off lazy pirates!
Pirates gonna pirate. Maybe they did bad in school and space is hard? Whatever the reason, they want your stuff. Thats waaaay easier than doing work themselves. Make sure you have guard Meeple to fight them when they come. Station shields and turrets work wonders against bombers.

System Requirements:

CPU: 1.2 GHz


OS: Windows 8 / 10

Video Card: Minimal

Free Disk Space: 1 GB

Video review:

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