» » Criminal Girls: Invite Only: Cheats, Trainer +11 []

Criminal Girls: Invite Only: Cheats, Trainer +11 []

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Game description:
Criminal Girls: Invite Only published on PC and PSV is an original jRPG in which you take care of souls of seven young girls who are serving their time in hell and count on reincarnation. The game is developed by the studio Imageepoch. Set up in 2005, the team specialised in jRPGs, like Luminous Arc, 7th Dragon, and Fate/Extra. After a series of financial failures, in 2015 the studio declared bankruptcy. This is an improved port of the original title published exclusively in Japan on PSP in 2010. The production offers not only improved graphics and extended mini games, but also two new playable heroines. PlotCriminal Girls: Invite Only takes us to hell. You become the supervisor of a special program aiming at converting sinners. You are entrusted with nine souls of young girls who are given the chance to reincarnate. To make it happen, they have to climb the highest floor of the hellish spire and defeat monsters that live there. The story is presented with cut-scenes in a visual-novel style. MechanicsCriminal Girls: Invite Only is a 2D dungeon crawler with a turn-based combat system seasoned with unique character development elements. You command a party of four girls and explore different levels of the spire. While doing so, your heroines have to defeat numerous enemies and bosses. During combat, which takes place on a separate screen, you do not control the heroines directly, but pick the sequences of attacks and special powers the girls suggest. It is your job to ?motivate? the unruly girls by imposing different punishments on them, which is a part of a special mini game. Once you pick proper tools and methods, you can start the cathartic process which, at the same time, increases their statistics and reveals their pasts. Technical aspectsCriminal Girls: Invite Only was created for PSP, but due to the fact that the title utilises simple 2D graphics and animations, this fact is not very problematic. Most of the dialogues and cut-scenes are voiced-over.

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Criminal Girls: Invite Only: Cheats, Trainer +11 []:

Criminal Girls: Invite Only: Cheats, Trainer +11 []

Function list:
- F1 Edit Supplies
- F2 Unlimited Mines
- F3 Mega Add Experience
- F4 Talent Skills in Combat Always Available
- F5 Unlimited Fatigue
- F6 Unlimited Ire
- F7 Change Kingdom Guilders (KG)
- F8 Change Recruits
- F9 Store Gold
- F10 Slow Motion Gameplay
- F11 Fast Scan

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