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Trainer for Bullet Girls 2 [v1.0.1]

If you came to this page, you were probably looking for cheats for Bullet Girls 2. The options include useful features such as Unlimited Health,Unlimited Stamina,Unlimited Dead Eye and some others.

Game description:
Bullet Girls 2, released on PSV, is a continuation of the action game Bullet Girls released in 2014. The game was developed by Shade and published by D3 Publisher, known from Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest, Ben 10: Omniverse 2 or Rise of the Guardians. Plot The story in Bullet Girls 2 focuses again on the fate of the girls from the Ranger Club. Aya Hinamoto, the heroine known from the first installment, has to take part in an interschool war between Elda Private Institute and her own university. Mechanics Bullet Girls 2, available on PSV, is a third person shooter that uses almost the same mechanics as the original game. While playing, we perform a number of tasks that usually boil down to shooting all enemies. During fights, we use firearms, including machine guns, rifles or a powerful rocket launcher. Of course, there are some improvements and some new heroines, but this is hardly a revolution in relation to the previous part. The system of destructible clothes returns in Bullet Girls 2. During the fights, the skirts and the upper garments tear apart, revealing the girls' underwear. The game also has a mode where we can touch our character.

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Trainer for Bullet Girls 2 [v1.0.1]:

Trainer for Bullet Girls 2 [v1.0.1]

Function list:
- F1 Increased Weapon Accuracy
- F2 Pause Aging
- F3 Unlimited Throw Items
- F4 Add Skill Points
- F5 Unlimited Cards
- F6 Refill Health
- F7 Repair Selected Ship
- F8 Instant Shot Clock Violation
- F9 Unlimited Prestige Points

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