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Nidhogg: Cheats, Trainer +10 [FLiNG]

Welcome to OptikGames.COM! If you came to this page, you are most likely looking for working cheats for Nidhogg. The options include useful features such as Unlimited Health,Unlimited Stamina,Unlimited Dead Eye and some others. Files are available from FLiNG , We will try to add more files for this game soon!

Game description:
Nidhogg, available on PC, PS4 and PSV, is an independent arcade game in which we play as a swordsman and defeat enemies in subsequent levels with our fencing sword. The game was developed by a person called Messhof. The production has received numerous awards at various festivals (Indiecade, IGF, Eurogamer Expo, Fantastic Arcade). Mechanics The rules of the game are very simple we play on one of the dozens of levels and participate in a series of fencing duels. After each battle, the ultimate goal is to run as far as possible to the goal before the rival is reborn and stands up again for the fight. In case of defeat, we immediately lose the acquired area, because the opponent moves in the opposite direction. The only tool useful in the fight against the enemy is our fencing sword, which we can use to stab legs, torso and head, as well as throw it from a greater distance. During the duels, we can also jump, roll and run on the walls it is also a very good way of defending against an attacking opponent. Duels are being fought at a fast pace, and the success of an attack is often determined by a fraction of a second. Game modes Nidhogg offers a single-player mode, where our opponent is artificial intelligence, as well as a duel with another player on a shared screen. Technical aspects Nidhogg presents a visual setting characteristic for this type of independent productions the graphics consist of different clusters of pixels, and the animation is very simple and schematic. A large number of bright colors are also striking.

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Nidhogg: Cheats, Trainer +10 [FLiNG]:

Nidhogg: Cheats, Trainer +10 [FLiNG]

Function list:
• F1 Infinite Decision Time
• F2 Rapid Fire Cannons
• F3 Change Supplies
• F4 Super Attack Range
• F5 Change Resources
• F6 Super Damage Health
• F7 Super Mana Player 1/2
• F8 Goblins Aren't Tired
• F9 Unlimited Stone
• F10 Fast Nanotrite Augmentation Cooldown

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