» » Trainer for sonder. [v1.0.4]

Trainer for sonder. [v1.0.4]

If you were looking for current and working cheats for sonder., you come to the right place The options include useful features such as Unlimited Health,Unlimited Stamina,Unlimited Dead Eye and some others. This trainer from FLiNG will work in later versions.

Game description:
sonder. is a science-fiction action-adventure game by indie Macedonian studio KAMAi MEDIA. PlotThe game is set on a space station located far away from Earth. One day, a series of mysterious and troubling events begins here. Interestingly, there is no set protagonist. You can play as every person on the station and switch between them at will. MechanicsThe key aspect of the gameplay is making choices. Given the large number of situations that call for it, and the fact that the game takes place in real time (regardless of what you do), the game can end in multiple ways. The characters' survival (if anyone survives at all) can even depend on where they are at a given time. On the other hand, you can use a time-rewinding device, which allows you to jump back in time (including the very beginning of the game) and make a different choice, thus changing the story. Technical aspectssonder. utilizes a third-person perspective. The game features detailed, high-quality 3D visuals. What’s interesting, there is both a single player mode and a multiplayer mode, in which other players takes on the roles of the rest of the station's crew.

Download sonder. trainer for free for unlimated cheats, all cheats in trainer tested and work.
You can use trainer for game that already installed.

Trainer for sonder. [v1.0.4]:

Trainer for sonder. [v1.0.4]

Function list:
• F1 Mega Kills
• F2 One Turn Buildings
• F3 Decrease Timer
• F4 Current Stamina
• F5 Freeze AI Drivers
• F6 Unlimited Torch Duration
• F7 Set Wrestler Edit Points
• F8 Infinite Health (Combat)
• F9 Change Hours
• F10 Lockpicks
• F11 Unlimited Biological Stats
• F12 Faster XP/Level Up

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