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Trainer for Airport Simulator [v1.0.6]

On this page you can download the trainer for Airport Simulator. Using trainers in this game, you can get Unlimited Health,Unlimited Stamina,Unlimited Dead Eye etc.

Game description:
Airport Simulator is a production thanks to which it is possible to manage the work of the airport. One of the main factors distinguishing the game from competing products, such as the Airport Tycoon series, is the ability to take control of selected machines located at the airport. In this production, the beginnings are quite modest, as once the location of the future airport is established, only one terminal and the basic infrastructure necessary to ensure its proper functioning are built. It is only with further progress that cash is gained, thanks to which the airport can gradually grow and serve an increasing number of passengers and flights. As has already been said, an important role in the game Airport Simulator plays the ability to control various machines. We are talking about airplanes which, after landing, should be directed towards the right gates, and after unloading passengers should be transported to the hangars intended for them. In the initial phase of the game it is possible to control only one aircraft at a time, but later it is possible to take care of up to eight flying machines at the same time. In addition to aircraft, it is also possible to take control over, among other things, baggage transport trolleys, tanks filled with fuel or vehicles with stairs installed to allow passengers to board or alight. Control is done using the keyboard and mouse. The game allows you to put control in the hands of artificial intelligence at any time of the game, so that in the meantime you can deal with more important matters. The competition takes place in a three-dimensional environment, and the game allows you to observe your airport from any angle and at different zoom levels. Airport Simulator has a 24-hour cycle and advanced weather effects, which can often interfere with current plans. Also noteworthy is the soundtrack, which consists mainly of realistic sounds of the engines of individual aircraft. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions regarding this description.

Download Airport Simulator trainer for free for unlimated cheats, all cheats in trainer tested and work.
You can use trainer for game that already installed.

Trainer for Airport Simulator [v1.0.6]:

Trainer for Airport Simulator [v1.0.6]

Function list:
• F1 Easy Craft Gems
• F2 Perfect Quality
• F3 Current Faith
• F4 Unlimited Seals
• F5 Maintain Max Rating While Playing
• F6 Raw Materials
• F7 Add Talent Points/Level
• F8 WIL

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