» » Kto uwolni Wiosne: Trainer +15 [v1.5]

Kto uwolni Wiosne: Trainer +15 [v1.5]

Here you will find up-to-date ways to honorKto uwolni Wiosne - cheats and trainers that work on game version 1.0 and higher. Here you can download the trainer for game version 1.0 and higher, which will be an excellent replacement for the codes. You can get some others Unlimited Health,Unlimited Stamina,Unlimited Dead Eye cheating functions. This page features trainers from the author as, We will be adding more files for this game from other authors shortly.

Game description:
Who frees Spring is an educational game for the youngest. Its aim is to apply a solid dose of knowledge to children, given in an attractive, colourful form. The player's task is to find the title lady of Spring, kidnapped by the evil sorcerer Gryziwas. This mission can be carried out only with the help of the hosts of the fairy tale land called Rainbow Glade, inhabited every day by such characters as: the little Papate sorceress, the gnome of Philip, the bear of Barnabas and the mouse of Tosia. The entire production consists of nine separate stages, the content of which is filled with numerous interesting competitions: broomstick flying, ball and card games, gluing pots and paving geometric shapes. There are also rhymes and crosswords, and if you still don't have enough, you can test your vocal talent by singing a song about Spring or help in a nearby farm by fighting aphids and taking care of ducks, and after a hard work rest by watching a multimedia fairy tale. According to its name, the programme familiarises the youngest children with everything related to the first of the four seasons of the year. Children can learn a few interesting things about bird customs and also learn the names of forest animals (earthworms, salamanders, hare, newts, newts, etc.). They are also given the opportunity to learn more about house and garden work and to improve their computer skills. Whoever releases Spring, however, does not forget about other aspects of education, offering the audience the opportunity to learn letters and to add numbers and numbers in the range of 0-11. The game was made on a two-dimensional, author's engine, which gives the little ones a colorful, pleasant to the eye visual setting. It is also worth noting that the title is completely devoid of violence, making it ideal for pre-school and early school age.

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Kto uwolni Wiosne: Trainer +15 [v1.5]:

Kto uwolni Wiosne: Trainer +15 [v1.5]

Function list:
• F1 Edit: Determination
• F2 Free Tech Upgrades
• F3 During Match Rating
• F4 Unlimited Worker Energy
• F5 Fast Construct Buildings
• F6 Edit: Dog Snack
• F7 Unlimited Capital
• F8 Allow Instant Buy Troops/Buildings
• F9 Unlimited Fuel Cans
• F10 Allow In Game Cheat Menu (Press F1)
• F11 Reset Timer
• F12 Edit: Current Level / Max Skill Points
• NUM 1 Planetoid Size
• NUM 2 Set Unit No Health
• NUM 3 All Skills Enabled

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