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The Spirit of the Samurai: TRAINER AND CHEATS (V1.0.60)

Welcome to OptikGames.COM! If you came to this page, you were probably looking for cheats for The Spirit of the Samurai. Using trainers in this game, you can get Unlimited Health,Unlimited Stamina,Unlimited Dead Eye etc. Trainers available from .

Game description:
The Spirit of the Samurai is a two-dimensional action adventure game belonging to the metroidvania sub-genre. The action of this game is set in feudal Japan, and the player plays three different characters. The game was developed and published by an independent studio Digital Mind. The money for this game was raised through a crowdfunding campaign. Plot The Spirit of the Samurai tells a story set in a fantastic feudal version of Japan. The hero of the game is a samurai who tries to regain his body and destroy the ancient evil. In the journey the warrior is accompanied by his cat and the encountered spirit ( kodama). The game focuses on presenting the story in a strongly cinematic way (the effect is achieved, among others, by animated scenes). MechanicsIn The Spirit of the Samurai the action is observed from the side ( side-scrolling). During the game the player controls three different characters: samurai, ghost and cat. The game was created in the metroidvania convention the gameplay is about exploring non-linear levels (it is a series of different locations combined into one map), fighting enemies and discovering the story prepared by the developers. As we progress, we acquire new equipment, develop characters and unlock new abilities (in the case of the spirit, we also have access to supernatural powers), which often allow us to enter previously unavailable places. In the game you can find an arcade combat system that allows you to combine attacks into dangerous combos. We can also use special abilities. An advanced AI system also plays a key role the developers made sure that every enemy behaves and fights a little differently. Game modes The Spirit of the Samurai offers only single player mode. The core of the game is a feature campaign. Technical aspects The Spirit of the Samurai game has a very good graphic design. Although the action takes place in 2D, the graphics are fully 3D. Both the locations created by the developers, as well as the character models, make an excellent impression and are well animated (which should not come as a surprise Digital Mind is a studio that has been involved in 3D animation in the past). The game is full of charming atmosphere.

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The Spirit of the Samurai: TRAINER AND CHEATS (V1.0.60):

The Spirit of the Samurai: TRAINER AND CHEATS (V1.0.60)

Function list:
• F1 Mega Combat HP
• F2 Unlock All Ship Blueprints
• F3 Set Armor Class
• F4 Set Dexterity
• F5 Damage
• F6 Unlimited AP
• F7 Unlimted Neuron Energy
• F8 Set Ammo

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