» » The Binding of Isaac: Trainer +13 [v1.1]

The Binding of Isaac: Trainer +13 [v1.1]

We have uploaded this tested cheat engine trainer for The Binding of Isaac. Cheats will allow you to get cheating opportunities in the game, which will make your gameplay much easier.

Game description:
The Binding of Isaac is a roguelike shooter in which we traverse a randomly generated underground. Its structure resembles the locations that appear in the game The Legend of Zelda, whereas the controls are based on the solutions known from titles such as Robotron or Smash TV. Unlike most other games featuring RPG elements, The Binding of Isaac completely drops the idea of characters gaining experience points to level up. During the journey the player finds numerous items that improve their stats and help them solve puzzles. Each stage includes a shop, a room with hidden treasures, a powerful boss, and secret locations full of unique items. Worthy of a separate note among them are special weapon modifications and artifacts that provide us with permanent bonuses. Most of the gear appearing in the game can be combined, making us more powerful as the story progresses, and changing the appearance of our character in the process. A major role in The Binding of Isaac belongs to the items used for solving puzzles. Objects that we use for this purpose include coins, bombs, keys, hearts, cards, and others. They can be used in several ways, thus affecting the course of the game. The audiovisuals aren’t significantly different from the characteristic cartoon-like style used in the Team Meat Studios' debut production – Super Meat Boy. Both titles also share the creator of the soundtrack, known under the pseudonym of Danny B.

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The Binding of Isaac: Trainer +13 [v1.1]:

The Binding of Isaac: Trainer +13 [v1.1]

Function list:
• F1 Edit: Inspiration
• F2 Change Blue Tech Points
• F3 Edit: Upgrade Points Spent
• F4 Unlimited Dante Sin Devil Trigger Time
• F5 Unlimited Underwater Breathing
• F6 Change Morale
• F7 No Explosive Damage
• F8 Item Editor
• F9 Weak Health
• F10 Freeze Stamina
• F11 Freeze Health
• F12 Reset Stink
• NUM 1 Easy Buy Weapons

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