» » LEGO City: Undercover: Trainer +9 [v1.1]

LEGO City: Undercover: Trainer +9 [v1.1]

Here you will find up-to-date ways to honorLEGO City: Undercover - cheats and trainers that work on game version 1.0 and higher. The options include useful features such as Unlimited Health,Unlimited Stamina,Unlimited Dead Eye and some others. Trainers available from MrAntiFan .

Game description:
LEGO City: Undercover is an action-adventure game created by Traveller's Tales studio. The production debuted in 2013 on the Nintendo Wii U, and after a few years it was ported to other platforms. Pot The main character of LEGO City: Undercover is Chase McCain, a police officer who returns to his hometown after a few years of absence. His main task is to apprehend his nemesis a villain called Rex Fury. The hero starts working "undercover", infiltrating the mafia ranks from the inside. The plot is full of references to pop culture a watchful eye will catch various references to Starsky and Hutch's adventures or Shawshank Redemption. The whole was enriched with a lot of specific humor , characteristic for Traveller's Tales productions. Mechanics LEGO City: Undercover, released on PC, PS4, etc., is an open world game inspired mainly by the Grand Theft Auto series. The titular city consists of twenty different districts, modeled on San Francisco and New York. We traverse this "sandbox" built out of bricks by driving various vehicles cars, helicopters, boats, and even wheelchairs. However, the player can explore LEGO City on foot, using a simplified parkour system to jump over and bypass obstacles. The game offers main and side missions. We take part in spectacular chases, police helicopter flights and other daring actions, taken directly from cult films from the eighties and nineties of the twentieth century. Because of Chase's profession, we often have to use a wide range of costumes unlocked during the game. Disguises grant the player special skills for example, a miner's outfit allows us to break boulders with a pickax, and the criminal outfit provides the hero with the ability to open locks. Combat is another important element. McCain is skilled in melee combat he can perform various attacks and counterattacks. There are also platforming elements by completing them we can get collectibles scattered all over the city or gain access to secret locations. The game even has simple environmental puzzles. Various activities reward us with studs and bricks we can spend them on new vehicles or constructing special superstructures such as helicopter landings, hills, or sandcastles. These constructions are often required to push the plot forward. The whole is complemented by gadgets, such as an environment scanner highlighting interactive objects. Technical aspects LEGO City: Undercover offers decent 3D graphics. Noteworthy is the vivid palette of colors and refined environment created from the titular bricks many of its elements are susceptible to destruction and disintegrate into pieces in a spectacular way. The Wii U edition designed makes use of the unique gamepad functionality the controller equipped with an additional screen can serve as the aforementioned scanner, camera and a handy city map.
PC, WiiU, XONE, PS4, Switch, 3DS

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LEGO City: Undercover: Trainer +9 [v1.1]:

LEGO City: Undercover: Trainer +9 [v1.1]

Function list:
• F1 Max Gold Storage
• F2 Increased Legendary Drop Rate
• F3 Next Day Resets Decay
• F4 Add Vision
• F5 Add Perception
• F6 Influence
• F7 Unlimited Command Points
• F8 Unlimited Flashlight
• F9 Set Speed

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