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Afterfall: Reconquest - Episode 1

Main Information:
Game name: Afterfall: Reconquest - Episode 1
Ganre: Action, Horror, PC Games, Shooter
Developer: IntoXicate Studios
Release date: 2015
Interface language: EN
Voice language: EN

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Afterfall: Reconquest is a story driven TPP action shooter, set in the post-apocalyptic Afterfall universe; a world slowly rising from the ruins of the old civilization. It will consist of nine episodes, each focusing on different, yet overlapping scenarios.
Post-apocalyptic action game tells you the story of Corvina. The game will unfold in a universe that has survived a nuclear war, which left no hope for the surviving people. The environment in which Corwin lives is not optimistic, but blemishes with gloom and hopelessness. In one day, some gangsters killed the family of the protagonist, those whom he loved most in the world, whom he never ceased to care for even a minute. It is impossible to return his relatives to Corvin, therefore the main character decided to take revenge on the murderers. But what will he have to do to find and punish the cruel murderers who destroyed his happiness?
Traveling through large game locations that are full of mysteries and dangers, Corwin will collect the big puzzle piece by piece, which will then come together in a large and clear picture. Killing and interrogating the villains one by one, the main character will be getting closer and closer to finding his story, finding clues leading to the killers along the way. However, Corwin is a simple person who does not have an incredibly large assortment of weapons or cartridges, so he has to be content with what he has. A great noir style game that fans of Max Payne and action fans will love.

System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 equivalent


OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 460 / ATI Radeon eqivalent (256 MB memory)

Free Disk Space: 3 GB

Video review:

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