M.U.G.E.N Mortal Kombat Revolution HD

Upload Date: Today, 19:02

TrackMania 2 Canyon

Upload Date: Today, 14:11

TrackMania 2 Canyon will let you experience the fun and adrenaline of racing stunning cars on sensational tracks in a major enhanced sequel to Nadeo Studio’s online racing phenomenon TrackMania, already enjoyed by millions of players.
TrackMania 2 Canyon goes far beyond traditional driving games with racing in a fully customizable world of tracks generated and powered by players themselves! With loops, wall rides, ramps and a multitude of other stunts, you’re in for the ride of your life.

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut

Upload Date: Today, 14:01

From the Producer of the original Fallout comes Wasteland 2, the sequel to the first-ever post-apocalyptic computer RPG.
The Wastelands hellish landscape is waiting for you to make your mark... or die trying. With over 80 hours of gameplay, you will deck out your Desert Ranger squad with the most devastating weaponry this side of the fallout zone, test the limits of your strategy skills, and bring justice to the wasteland.

Key Features:
- One Size Does Not Fit All: Dont feel like finding the key for a door?

Plague M.D. (2020)

Upload Date: Today, 09:43

Plague M.D. is a medieval medicine simulator. Become a quack doctor stuck in a backwater village in the 16th century. Your task is to diagnose and cure the patient using the available tools, ingredients, recipes and books. This is a difficult game against time, misdiagnosis and procrastination can lead you to the stake, and every choice has consequences.
Well, what can you do? At first, your methods are scarce - drain blood, amputate a rotten finger.

Air Guardians (2015)

Upload Date: Today, 08:39

Air Guardians is a flight combat game set in the distant future. A world government is attempting to seal their grip on power, and an air force of advanced fighter craft is called upon to fight them. Fight through grand spaceship battles, night time base raids, orbital shipyard assaults, and more! Enjoy Cut scenes between missions and in game narration that adds story and intensity to the battles. Along with Realistic ground environment and detailed spaceship models.

Unavowed (2018)

Upload Date: Today, 08:33

A demon possessed you one year ago. Since that day, you unwillingly tore a trail of bloodshed through New York City. Your salvation comes in the form of the Unavowed – an ancient society dedicated to stopping evil.
You are free, but your world is in tatters. You have no home, no friends, and are wanted by the police. Your old life is gone, but perhaps you can start a new one. Join the ranks of the Unavowed, and fight against the oncoming darkness.

Skyscraper Simulator

Upload Date: Today, 06:39

Youre a constructer and you’ve specialized in the "bringing up" of skyscrapers. Due to your specialization over the years you constantly get new orders for higher and higher skyscrapers in town. Within your responsibilities are the planning, the supply with construction materials and the worker management.
In the beginning you are dealing with multi-storey town houses, but later on you find yourself in realizing magnificent buildings for the rich and famous.

Jaws Unleashed (2006)

Upload Date: Today, 03:19

In Majescos Jaws, players assume the role of a Great White shark driven to a predacious frenzy by the sonic emanations of underwater oil drilling equipment. To defend their underwater territory, players undertake a campaign to drive the raiders away while simultaneously solving a series of action-based puzzles designed to thwart the player. Taking the game to realistic heights is Appaloosas advanced game engine that produces stunning underwater visuals and realistic physics that enable the Great White to perform a variety of leaping, twisting assaults, thus rendering havens such as dive platforms and boats vulnerable to attack.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2

Upload Date: Today, 01:01

Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater

Upload Date: Yesterday, 22:52

The key to victory hinges on the defeat of island strongholds throughout the Pacific. To do this the U.S. army deploys specially trained soldiers to carryout commando-style attacks against the forces of Japan. From sweltering rainforests to sun-baked coral beaches and stinking mangrove swamps, players lead their squad of 12 skilled heroes on real missions with real consequences. Coordinate attacks, sneak into enemy villages, rescue captured POWs and more.

The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story

Upload Date: Yesterday, 22:26

The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story is a new unique mystery-adventure game.
Directed by Koichiro Ito, and with Yasuhito Tachibana as the Cinematographer and Scenario Director, beautiful yet thrilling live-action footage intertwines with mysteries to solve, creating highly immersive gameplay.

The Shijima family have suffered a chain of inexplicable deaths over the past century.
When Haruka Kagami, a mystery novelist, visits the Shiijmas, she finds herself taking on four different murder cases - occurring at different points in time.

Roots Of The Woods

Upload Date: Yesterday, 19:50

Roots Of The Woods – quest with elements of horror.
The game is about an anomalous and strange place. No one who gets here will ever be able to return. Or can they?
The Forest is a place where all the major events unfold. The main characters, met by chance, – Trisha and Harland – will face many trials. Players will have to sink into the deep history, unravel the secrets of the Forest and make a decisive choice that will predetermine the fate of not only the heroes, but also the whole Forest.

bayala - the game

Upload Date: Yesterday, 14:35

A spellbinding fairy adventure: Accompany Surah on the magical journey across bayala.
The game to the movie! When the dragons disappear, the power of magic might vanish, too. Together with Surah, you set off on an adventure-packed journey through forests, into caves and across bayala’s Dragon Mountains. Face off against the evil Shadow Queen Ophira, save bayala from certain doom, and bring back the magic!

- Discover the magic of a fantastic world
- Rescue bayala from the evil Shadow Queen
- Meet characters from the movie and lots of new friends
- Complete numerous quests on exciting adventure levels
- Ride from place to place and explore enchanting settings
- Teach Surah new skills to advance further
- Collect over 90 stickers in your magical album
- Unlock four bonus games full of entertaining variety


Little Nightmares: Complete Edition

Upload Date: Yesterday, 07:30

Immerse yourself in Little Nightmares, a dark whimsical tale that will confront you with your childhood fears! Help Six escape The Maw – a vast, mysterious vessel inhabited by corrupted souls looking for their next meal. As you progress on your journey, explore the most disturbing dollhouse offering a prison to escape from and a playground full of secrets to discover. Reconnect with your inner child to unleash your imagination and find the way out!

The Fall: Mutant City

Upload Date: Yesterday, 06:24

Eselmir and the five magical gifts

Upload Date: Yesterday, 05:58

Eselmir and the five magical gifts is a 2D point and click adventure game inspired by the old classics of the genre. It tells the story of Eselmir and his journey to find the five magical lost gifts of King Theoson, leading the player to explore an imaginary world studied in every detail. An atypical and elegant fantasy made up of stories within the story, one enclosed in the other.

In a vast fantasy world ruled by powerful deities and ancient spells, where people build flourishing cities, great monuments thrive and nature is inhabited by fairies and mysterious creatures, the extraordinary story of Eselmir takes place.

Alpha Polaris : A Horror Adventure Game

Upload Date: Yesterday, 05:44

Alpha Polaris is an old-school adventure game focusing on character-driven horror and environmental themes. Previously released worldwide in retail, the game features professional voice-acted dialogues, hand-drawn dialogue portraits and an original soundtrack.

In the midst of the snowfields of Greenland lies Alpha Polaris, an American oil research station. High above, the ion storm of the century is gathering, bringing about a strange intermixing of reality and night terrors.

Ancient Abyss (2021)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 03:58

Ancient Abyss is a 2D Zelda-like action game where you will explore mysterious and hidden events in a randomly generated maze. As you progress, you’ll gain more power and collect items to help you reach further into the maze. As you walk through the layers of the maze and reach the bottom of the abyss, you’ll discover mysterious and dark forces, tucked away, so no one would find them...

- RogueZelda: An action game that combines RogueLike and 2D Zelda elements, allowing players to experience exploration and discovery in a randomly generated maze.

From The Darkness (2021)

Upload Date: Yesterday, 02:50

From the darkness is a psychological horror game with a scary atmosphere, the game takes place in an old Soviet abandoned apartment.
Most of the time you have to walk and explore the abandoned apartment of your deceased grandfather, to which you came for an old family album, but strange things begin to happen in the apartment, the one who lives in darkness will not let you go so easily. Your main task is to get out alive, but this can only be done by meeting face to face with an inhabitant of darkness.

Talisman: Prologue

Upload Date: 27-05-2023, 21:59

Talisman Prologue is an adaptation of the classic fantasy board game Talisman by Games Workshop. This version focuses on single player experience.
An epic tale of dice rolling and card drawing takes you on a quest throughout the land to rescue Princesses, slay Dragons and recover lost artefacts. Play through over 50 quests using the Talisman board game rules, and learn the special abilities of all of the characters.
Its important to note that this is NOT a multiplayer game based on Talisman, this is a reworking of the rule-set to allow solo players to experience Talisman in a different way.

IMMURE (2019)

Upload Date: 27-05-2023, 21:58

IMMURE is a story driven, psychological horror game. Will, the protagonist, has found himself trapped inside a foreboding Mansion with no exit. To escape, he must travel through strange doors which lead into other dimensions, filled with tormented souls. Will must choose to save or destroy these wraiths, in order to discover the truth behind the Mansion along with his own fate.

Explore haunting environments in search of clues to figure out how to escape.

The Wizard and The Slug

Upload Date: 27-05-2023, 21:36

When a fugitive wizard meets a forest slug, a strange friendship is born. Together they traverse an oddball fantasy world, unraveling the mystery surrounding an ancient curse.
Play as the fastest, most agile slug in video game history together with your spellcasting wizard companion. Its a team-up you never knew you wanted. Strong focus on humor, character interactions, and story.

- Explore a world full of charm, humor, and endearing characters.

Zombeer (2015)

Upload Date: 27-05-2023, 21:12

From the delicious brains of Moonbite Games PadaOne Games and U&I Entertainment comes an enhanced and updated version of Zombeer, a first-person shooter that is an unapologetically irreverent homage to everything kick-ass about zombie movies and drinking beer.
With new narrative content from writers at Comedy Central, Zombeer is packed with humorous reference to classic zombie flicks of the past and, of course, a healthy supply of ammo and beer.

Final Fantasy XIII

Upload Date: 27-05-2023, 18:18

As a deepening crisis threatens to plunge the floating world of Cocoon into chaos, a band of unsuspecting strangers find themselves branded enemies of the state. With the panicking population baying for their blood, and the military all too happy to oblige, they have no choice but to run for their lives. Join them on a desperate quest to challenge the forces controlling their fate, and prevent untold destruction.
Featuring an unforgettable storyline, a battle system blending action and strategy, cutting-edge visuals and awe-inspiring cinematic sequences, FINAL FANTASY® XIII delivers the next step in the evolution of gaming.

Desert Skies (2019)

Upload Date: 27-05-2023, 17:53

Desert Skies takes survival to the air! Build an airship and fly on an adventure through the deserts of the Wild West. Look for places to land and scavenge for loot, expand your airship and craft new equipment, but beware the dangers lurking beneath the sands!

Its the American Wild West gone horribly wrong. It began with rumours of terrifying creatures attacking people at the far frontier. Then the first town was wiped out. Now years have passed and everyone has fled east, leaving behind a ghost land.

Girls Guns and Zombies

Upload Date: 27-05-2023, 17:08

Girls Guns & Zombies is exactly that, girls with guns shooting zombies, while having some poolside fun in between. Pick one of the girls and explore the streets of the ruined city, overrun by the undead. A chilling thrill as shoot your way through the horde with a variety of weapons, do not let them get to close as it might become even more chilly as you lose a few pieces of clothing in a fight.
Scavenge resources scattered in the streets, alley ways and parking lots across the city.

Christmas Wonderland Collection (2010-2022)

Upload Date: 27-05-2023, 08:12

Christmas Wonderland Collection:
Christmas Wonderland (2010)
Christmas Wonderland 2 (2011)
Christmas Wonderland 3 (2012)
Christmas Wonderland 4 (2013)
Christmas Wonderland 5 (2014)
Christmas Wonderland 6 (2015)
Christmas Wonderland 7 (2016)
Christmas Wonderland 8 (2017)
Christmas Wonderland 9 (2018)
Christmas Wonderland 10 Collectors Edition (2019)
Christmas Wonderland 11 Collectors Edition (2020)
Christmas Wonderland 12 Collectors Edition (2021)
Christmas Wonderland 13 Collectors Edition (2022)